Being pioneers and the new age leaders, for the conscious water movement in South Africa, us at Aqua De Vida (PTY) Limited know that swimming up a streem such as this is no easy task and it is not a task that can be done single sidedly. We believe that the first and most important key to true vitality, is what we are very made of, WATER and it is our very mission to educate the generations we have around us on true, self-empowering health.
Starting off local, where the roots grow closer to home, we are day-by-day trying to spread water consciousness
in and around our local community of Hout Bay, Western Cape. However, education can only go to the point of books, schools, newspapers.. posters, flyers; it stops eventually and us at Aqua De Vida want to contioue it, to the point of true embodyment, and live, how we do. Through this and “the greener picture” drive, we are proud to say that our roots are indeed growing!

We are on a daily mission of finding like minded individuals within the health and fitness indistry. People who not only want to see change within them selves, but have that drop dipping within them to see change for the good within others. Athletes both on a National level and Professional level have joined the Aqua De Vida Team, where althelets are firstly educated as, “knowledge is power” on what our version of genuine, true health is.
From there, through constant support, our athletes do what they do best, smile and build themselves into the best versions of themselves, constantly better and pushing to greater depths with Vita Pure Distilled Water fueling them every step of the way. Our goal through doing this, is to have people, just like you and you out there, trying to make a differene and spread the word of water conciousness. The more people that remember the “forgotten medicine” the better!

Plastic and glass recycling:
Not just one of our biggest struggles and campaigns, but the world through, is plastic. Plastic is everywhere! It is homes, in our shops, it surrounds the food we eat, em-bottles the water we drink, it is unfortunately in the seas as well as the wind, in the ground and caught in the trees. Due to plastic being one of the slowest decomposing and harmful materials around, it will be around for a long time to come. Our step in the direction of “a greener picture” is doing what we can, with what we have. It is our goal as a company to move toward glass bottling due to the many amazing benifits of glass, however plastic is part of us, and part of our “roots” meaning we can not ignore it. The sad thing about plastic is that only 9% of the total plastic made in the world has ever been attempted to be recycled. Until we move away from plastic bottling (there are more logistics to it than meet eye) we proudly offer PET and any other
plastic home removal within Hout Bay and Llandundo, only catch is that water would need to be purchased from us prior (minimum order of 1 bottle). Alongside this, we also offer glass recycling to continue the already great movement. We would proudly come and collect any glass and plastic from your homes, and see to it that it is indeed recycled and in a safe manner that is harmful to nothing and no one. Look out for our recycling drop off points in the near future!

Save our seas:
It is a sad fact, however there is more microplastic in our oceans than stars in the Milky Way and between 60-90 percent of all marine litter is plastic based. Our oceans, with the vital role that they play within our daily lives and ecosystmes sometimes need a helping hand however, will never ask for it. Therefore, us at Aqua De Vida (PTY) Limitied are taking a step in the oceans direction and rallying up fellow, Hout Bay Beach Busters, random memebers of the community who see the same “greener picture” that we do. Weekly clean ups are arranged on Sundays (Follow us on Instagram to find out more) and whoever lends a helping hand, is given an empowering 700ml bottle of Vita Pure Distilled Water for there service.

Imizamo Yethu Project:
The local township of Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, with busseling streets and Entrepreneurs on almost every street corner, Aqua De Vida (PTY) Limited is on a mission to empower the people of this beautiful mountain side township. Through  education on true health practices and with eyes set on soon sponsoring young soccer stars from the, Hout Bay United Football Community, he hope to make the corrolation clear between good health, sports and fitness and not only spread the word of Aqua De Vida, but also contiune spreading the consciousness blanket around safe and healthy water.


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