Hout Bay Beach Busters, created by the Aqua De Vida team, consists of a group of like-minded people within the community of Hout Bay and Llandudno, who are taking a step in the direction of the ocean. The Beach Busters share a common goal, and a special interest in our oceans and marine life, just as many of you do..

Although Aqua De Vida currently supplies Vita Pure Distilled water in plastic bottles, it is the intention of the company to change over to glass bottling in the near future, due to the many benefits of glass versus plastic. In our persuit of the “greener picture” it has become evident to us, that we need to embody and support the movement towards plastic recycling.
Research has shown that a mere 9% of all plastic has ever been attempted to be recycled. About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and the oceans hold about 96.5% of all Earth’s water. Of the 260 million tons of plastic the world produces each year, about 10% ends up in the ocean, and ultimately washes up on our beaches.

Keeping this in mind, weekly clean ups are arranged on a Sunday (this may be subject to change), and volunteers are encouraged to lend a  helping hand in cleaning our beaches. All who are willing to lend a helping hand will receive a bottle of cold, refreshing, Vita Pure Distilled water. We at Aqua De Vida proudly support this initiative, and we aim to in the near future, spread the blanket of consciousness to the surrounding beaches.

With YOUR assistance we hope to further expand the already growing team of Beach Busters.

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