The HOW and WHY of Vita Pure Distilled Water:


“Distilled water” …. soft, smooth, pure …. these are just but a few words that can be used to describe Vita Pure Distilled Water.

Distilled water is versatile … it is used in several industries, namely, Automotive, Medical, Food Preservation, Health and Welfare …. just to name but a few ….

This gives rise to an important question.

How can distilled water be used in different industries for different purposes ?

Corrosion occurs due to an electrochemical reaction. In the Automotive industry, distilled water is used as it is mineral free, and does not allow for corrosion on metal components within the engine; there is no evidence of battery terminal corrosion over an extended period of time.

In the Medical Field, distilled water is used due to it’s purity.
All equipment that is required for surgical procedures and operations, that comes into contact with the human body, needs to be disinfected. Doctors place the medical equipment in Autoclave chambers. The Autoclave chamber uses medical grade distilled water, and through a process of superheating the water, steam is created killing all bacteria present on the equipment.

Distilled water is used in the field of Food Preservation as well. When fruit and vegetables are preserved, or, left to soak in water containing minerals, the chemicals in the water diffuse into the fruit and vegetables causing them to “toughen up”

Mineral free water … distilled water ….does not do this.


You may ask, how is water distilled ?

In a nutshell, distilled water is water that is boiled at 105 degrees celsius. Through the process of heating and boiling, water molecules expand creating steam. As the steam rises it is channeled through a pipe leading from the distiller, to a separate chamber, allowing the steam to collect and cool down; the steam then turns back into water which is mineral free.


The process of boiling and distilling water kills bacteria and other organisms found in the water, as they cannot survive above 100 degrees

celsius, the boiling point of water.

Boiling and distilling water drives off chemicals such as Chlorine, Aluminium sulphate, Ferric sulphate, Sodium aluminate, traces of Lime

and Carbon dioxide (used to prevent City plumbing from rusting), which chemicals are found in the water supplied to our homes.

So why should we drink distilled Water?

The primary function of water within the human body is to transport nutrients to the different parts of the body. When distilled water is consumed, it saves your body the time and energy of flushing (ridding the body of) harmful minerals that are of no positive benefit to the body. It is a misconception that the body requires the inorganic (harmful) minerals removed during distillation. The inorganic minerals contained in water are not very useful to the body and are not easily absorbed by the body. Organic (good) minerals must be obtained from food ….a person should be getting the “good minerals” (calcium, magnesium, potassium) required by the body from the consumption of the correct meats, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Simply put, distilled water is good quality water, that tastes great, and is affordable and readily available.

Vita Pure Distilled Water is pure, mineral free, high quality water, which is readily available within hours of you placing an order. Aqua De Vida (PTY) Ltd. offers Vita Pure Distilled Water in 700ml bottles ONLY, and we are in a position to provide water for corporate events, functions, businesses, schools, sporting events, gymnasiums, markets, hotels, pubs, restaurants, wholesalers – EVERYONE.

We also offer recurring monthly subscription plans which makes it easier and quicker for you to purchase your water. Should you be interested in finding out more about us, kindly click on our, “ABOUT US” page to find out what we do, and how we do it.

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