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We all know minerals are essential and are supposed to be consumed everyday.

“Vitamins and minerals” are what is urged to be taken by all supplementation and health companies. The human body needs about 70 different minerals to carry out all bodily functions, however, not everybody realizes there are two types of minerals.. ORGANIC and INORGANIC.
Between these two types it should be easy to see which one does the body good.

Organic minerals:
These are the living or were once living and can bring life to cells. These contain carbon and their electrons spin clockwise (same as the human body). Additionally these cells can form an ionic bond with the body and can easily break down into materials that help with bodily functions such as tissue repair.

Inorganic minerals:
These were never living, contain no carbon and can’t bring life to cells. The body treats these minerals like toxins and these toxins are tightly held together. They can not be easily broken down and their elections spin anti clockwise (opposite of the human body).
In the process of the natural water cycle inorganic minerals are left behind from the pure water evaporated by the sun.
Distillation is a filtration process that literally mimics what nature does.

Distilled water is guilty for removing minerals from your body, yes, but only the inorganic mineral that need to be removed for health purposes.

Don’t forget to get your minerals from your fresh fruits and vegetables!


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