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Is there anything worse than waking up and seeing a big, red blemish staring back at you in the mirror?
We know it’s tough to get rid of acne, blemishes and impurities on your skins, so here’s a new blog to help you!

Distilled water removes toxic material (inorganic minerals) that have been collected in your body through urine and stool. This helps regulate metabolism as your blood is no longer in possession of toxins. A healthy metabolism = a healthy body.

Drinking sufficient amounts of distilled water will detoxify the body from the toxic material which cause acne, blemishes and impurities. The distilled water also helps to neutralize the difficulty between oily and dry skin. We all know skin moisture is important to our flawless look and distilled water helps us maintain optimum mosture and is essential to carry the nutrients to skin cells.

Start glowing with distilled water and don’t forget to check out this weeks new video/recipe!


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