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Drinking distilled water will help you with all types of things for your skin..

In this blog we will go over some great benefits that you can implement to improve you skin care regime!

As we all know, one of the main things we fear about growing old is wrinkles. Distilled water acts as a natural collagen in our bodies which results in a number of great things for our skin.
FYI.. collagen is the deciding factor of how “loose” or “tight” our skin is. This is because collagen is lined in such a way that the more elasticity one has, the healthier and better the skin looks.

If you drink enough distilled water you will reap the benefits of wrinkles coming later, rather than sooner. Unfortunately we can not control getting old and getting wrinkles but we can control how significant our skin wrinkles and how soon they come.
Not only does drinking enough distilled water keep you “wrinkle free”, it also helps replenish skin tissue and will give you a glowing skin, due to the increase in elasticity in your skin.

Of course good hings take time, so be patient with your skin and show yourself some love! You will only start to see a noticeable difference between 2-3 weeks, but once you see them, you will know!

-Taste The Difference-

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