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Did you know that water makes up 1/4 the weight of a single hair strand?

Now that you know the significance of water in the smallest thing such as our hair, let us get into today’s blog!

Distilled water promotes a healthy scalp. This in turn provides you with shiny, strong, healthy and quick growing hair. Distilled water supports vitamin consumption which supports growth and strength in our hair and nails.

Dehydrated nails snap, break, tear and become very brittle and thin. If you’re looking for shiny, non-fragile and quick repairing nails, you should definitely consider incorporating distilled water into your diet.

The reason we posted such a question in the beginning of this blog is because hydration plays a significant part in keep health hair and nails. Drinking distilled water will help our nails and hail reach optimum health.

Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs this week!


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