“No sweat” is a figurative term that we use, when we want to say “don’t stress” or, “don’t worry”.

However, when it is hot, or, you exercise, and there is NO sweat.. you need to start worrying and stressing! Yes, not sweating is bad for one, and it is a clear indication that the pores on your skin are blocked.

The largest external body organ, is the skin, and if it is unable to perform it’s function properly, this will result in poor organ function, and it will open up the door to a host of potentially harmful diseases. It is equally as bad as when any other organ in the body gets blocked and malfunctions. We are all aware of the effect when cholesterol plaques slowly block blood flow in the arteries of the heart.. cholesterol causes heart disease. Should we not therefore, be aware of what happens when the pores on our skin get blocked..?

Sweating is considered by society as “unstylish”.. excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) as “embarrassing”..
this rings true even in the case of women who don’t sweat, but are said to “glow”. Sweat itself does not in fact smell.. the familiar smell of body odour comes from normal skin bacteria breaking down the sweat secretions released from the sweat glands. If you are not toxic on the inside, you will not smell.. keep that in mind!

Our bodies are “built” to regulate bodily temperature when we get too hot internally. The hypothalamus is a small region at the base of the brain and it works with the parts of the body’s temperature regulating system, such as the skin and sweat glands (on average, a person has between 2-4 million sweat glands). The hypothalamus controls the sweat glands for the purpose of regulating body temperature. Sweating is the body’s temperature regulation mechanism.. it is the body’s way of “cooling off”.. sweating keeps the body from overheating. If your pores are blocked with dirt and inorganic minerals, your body will not be able to use it’s “built in” ventilation system,
and you will not sweat. Ironically, people who have the worst body odour are those who don’t sweat much at all. Their pores are so blocked with toxins, that the pores develop a bad odour. Emotions can also trigger sweating.. many people suffer from sweating of the face, head, scalp, armpits, palms and soles of the feet.

Sweating is more important than you know..
Normal brain temperature is 37,7 degrees celsius.. temperature increase, or, decrease, could adversely affect brain cells and brain function. When the brain is too hot, it struggles to function properly. If you do not sweat on a hot day, you start to develop a migraine.. migraines can cause brain cells to start dying.

Let us get scientific..
Sweat, also known as “perspiration” consists of 99 % water, and the remaining 1% consists of trace amounts of minerals, lactic acid and urea. The mineral content varies and is made up of ammonia, sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Sweating gives off heat.. when sweat is exposed to the atmosphere it allows the water to evaporate from the skin resulting in a loss of body heat (heat excretion).. cooling the body. You may have noticed that when your body is wet with sweat and the wind blows across your skin, it gets significantly cooler. This is because as the wind blows across the skin the process of evaporation speeds up, releasing the heat quicker.

Although sweating occurs in a number of mammals, few produce large amounts of sweat to cool down. Humans are one of the only mammals that have this amazing “body temperature regulation mechanism”. Animals with few sweat glands, such as dogs, regulate body temperature by panting. Horses have armpits that sweat like humans and primates. Other animals simply stay in cool areas and cease activity.

Besides regulating body temperature, “sweating” has numerous other benefits.. it improves skin elasticity and tone, resulting in a younger looking you.. it improves blood flow, boosting circulation.. it decreases blood pressure.. it boosts our immune system.. it improves digestion and in so doing eliminates constipation. Sweating alone burns around 300 calories per hour. Sweating boosts your endorphins resulting in a happier you. Sweat secretes a natural antibiotic called dermociden (a recently discovered antimicrobial peptide) which kills bacteria that can cause infection.

Last but not least, sweating allows us to detoxify.. in fact it does a more efficient job than our kidneys. Sweating helps rid the body of  illnesses caused by toxicity.. sweat detoxifies the body. The merocrine sweat glands (also known as eccrine sweat glands) have tubular shaped pores that serve as ducts through which sweat gets secreted. Under the skin the pore has at it’s base, a coiled duct. When the coiled ducts are blocked, the pores get blocked.. this is a bad blockage.
If you are not sweating this is probably the reason why. Sweating pushes the toxins out of the coiled duct and through the pores of the skin.. detoxifying the body.

By being conscious of our bodies and how they function, we ensure that our bodies function properly.
Let us “clean up” our bodies, and sweat, “clean sweat”..

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