Who We Are..

Established in early 2018, Aqua De Vida (Pty) Limited is an evolving ” barrell of brains and beauty “, with it’s roots firmly embedded in
the Western Cape.

Aqua de Vida (Pty) Limited is proudly, a flagship company for botteled distilled Water, and a pioneers in the water consciousness. We are specialists
in the field of Vita Pure Distilled Water, and we are here to ensure that YOU do not have to worry about YOUR water needs.
Through our “Greener Picture Projects” we are driven to spreading the word of water consciousness in and around the Western Cape, and
eventually to the rest of Africa, and the world as a whole.

How We Work..

Your needs and requirements are our number one priority … ” flexibility” is our middle name.

We cater for the following purchasing options:

“Once-off”: purchase Vita Pure Distilled water on a “once-off” basis (either individual 700ml bottles, or, cases of 24 x 700 ml bottles).

“Monthly subscription”: purchase a minimum of 1 (one) case of 24 x 700ml bottles of Vita Pure Distilled Water.
We offer a free delivery service, and require 24 hours from date of purchase, in which to make delivery of your purchased water (Terms and conditions apply).
we can can arrange to deliver on a weekly basis, or, on a monthly basis.. tell us what suits and works best for you!
Should you at any point wish to change the quantity of water purchased on subscription, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice, prior to the date of delivery.

“Catering”: whether you require water for a sporting event, a market, a birthday party, a business meeting, an office function, a school open day, or, a school
sports day.. we can help you meet your water catering needs! All you need to do is purchase Vita Pure Distilled Water!
We offer a free delivery service, and require 24 hours from date of purchase, in which to make delivery (Terms and conditions apply).

“Wholesale”: purchase Vita Pure Distilled Water with the intention of re-selling the water. A discounted price will be offered for any
purchases in excess of 10 (ten) cases of 24 x 700ml bottles.
We offer a free delivery service, and require 24 hours from date of purchase, in which to make delivery (Terms and conditions apply).

Kindly contact us should you require more information.

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Our Commitment..

It is no secrect, that WATER is the key to life.. without water, life can simply not be sustained.

Society needs to be water conscious.. we need to be aware of exactly what is contained within the water we drink, and the effect that it has on our bodies.

As a company, Aqua de Vida (Pty) Limited is committed to taking distilled Water to the people of the Western Cape and surrounding areas, Africa and the rest of the world.
We strongly believe in, and embrace our end goal.. moving away from tap water, otherwise know as “Government Juice”, and moving towards the healthier option of distilled water..
We are strong believers in “quality”, and we are committed to “nothing less, than the absolute best”. We hold ourselves to the highest water and product
quality standards.
Honesty and integrity are core values within Aqua De Vida.
Our Team is driven to spread nothing but positivity and good energy.. we believe ” what you give, is what you get”


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Our Upcoming Events..